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Bright House Networks to become first cable provider to offer 1GB in-home broadband

bright house first cable provider offering 1gb residential broadband ultrafi

Bright House Networks, a regional cable provider, will be the first to offer 1GB/s symmetrical Internet service to residential customers in the U.S.  The new service, dubbed “UltraFI,” will offer eligible consumers fiber-based Internet service which big cable companies like Time Warner traditionally reserve for larger business accounts.

It’s worth noting that Google Fiber, a non-cable broadband provider, offers packages to personal accounts in Kansas City and Austin. Even with their recently announced plans to bring their service to more than 30 new markets, those plans will not bring them to Bright House’s turf, which is primarily in Central Florida.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Multichannel News, UltraFI will roll out very slowly, beginning with a single residential area in Tampa, Florida, at the heart of the company’s consumer base. Instead of offering the service to existing providers, however, Bright House will partner with real estate developer Metro Development Group to integrate the service into a planned residential community called Union Park this spring.

“Bright House Networks has designed a fiber-to-the-home network solution for MDG because of the very specific applications the Developer has planned for its communities,” said Bright House Networks President Nomi Bergman in a prepared statement. “We are confident both Bright House and MDG can provide superior products and services now and into the future.”

Pricing information for the UltraFI service has yet to emerge. We’re wondering how they’ll compare with Google Fiber’s offerings, despite the fact that it isn’t offered in Central Florida, nor is that area on Google’s road map for Fiber at this point in time.

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