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CableMod’s adapters damaged up to $74K worth of Nvidia GPUs

Melted 12VHPWR connector made by CableMod for the RTX 4090.
Humble-Brilliant-654 / Reddit

CableMod’s adapters were meant to fix the problem of melting connectors on Nvidia’s top GPU, the RTX 4090, but it appears that things didn’t go as planned. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has posted a notice that the CableMod 12VHPWR angled adapters are being recalled due to fire and burn hazards. More than 25,300 adapters are to be returned, and the affected customers are eligible for a full refund.

The connectors on the RTX 4090 have been melting ever since the GPU hit the shelves in late 2022, and so far, the only fix seems to lie in careful installation and picking the right PC case that can accommodate this monstrous card. CableMod’s angled adapters showed a lot of promise, at least initially. Seeing as bending the cable can contribute to the overheating, an angled adapter should have been just the fix — but unfortunately, the melting continued, even with the use of CableMod’s solution.

In some cases, if the adapter was found to be the culprit, GPU manufacturers directed the unlucky customer to CableMod for refunds. This is because using it voids the warranty. As such, CableMod doesn’t just have to pay for over 25,000 adapters that are eligible for refund, but it’s also had to settle plenty of complaints and fund replacement GPUs for those affected.

“The firm has received 272 reports of the adapters becoming loose, overheating, and melting into the GPU, with at least $74,500 in property damage claims in the United States. No injuries have been reported,” said the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

CableMod's power adapter for the RTX 4090 GPU.

The recall covers all CableMod version 1.1 adapters that were purchased between February and December 2023, both on Amazon and directly from CableMod. This includes the 90-degree and 180-degree variants, as well as the reversed adapters. The company will be refunding the entirety of the purchase, including shipping; those who prefer it can choose to get a $60 store credit for non-customized items instead.

This is grim news for CableMod, but the company has previously warned customers not to buy its adapters, going as far as to issue a safety recall in December 2023 — so this should come as no surprise. If you’re thinking of buying the GPU for yourself, we recommend avoiding third-party adapters. Installing the RTX 4090 isn’t easy, so you’ll need a case with plenty of space and careful cable management to make sure your $2,000 GPU doesn’t end up on fire.

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