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This new Calyos PC is as powerful as a sonic boom — and as quiet as a whisper

calyos workstationfanless fanless pc
Looking for a powerful, quiet workstation that will offer the best performance for creating 3D content and handling huge CAD files? Calyos has a new solution built with the PC gamer in mind so that they can load up the hottest titles like Doom and Ashes of the Singularity in high resolution when it’s time to play.

It’s simply called the Calyos Fanless PC / Workstation, and as the name suggests, there’s not a single fan thrown into the setup.

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The base configuration shows that this machine consists of an Intel Core i7-5820K processor shoved onto an MSI X99S SLI Plus motherboard, meaning it’s set up to support more than one Nvidia graphics card. For this configuration, there’s only one GeForce GTX Titan X card from EVGA along with HyperX Predator DDR4 memory from Kingston. Storage is handled by a Samsung 850 EVO SSD and power is provided by a Super Flower Golden Silent fanless and modular power supply.

Finally, all of this is housed in a customized PCO7S case from Lian Li. If you’re unfamiliar with this aluminum chassis, it measures 20.2 × 23.0 × 5.8 inches and has a side panel made out of tempered glass so that users can see all the pretty components seated inside. It’s capable of handling video cards up to 310mm in length (410mm without the HDD rack), a power supply up to 220mm in length, and a CPU cooler up to 85mm in height.

Calyos Fanless Workstation

Naturally, for this setup, Calyos ripped out all the provided fans, but we assume there’s space to throw them back in if needed. However, this workstation relies on a cooling solution based on the Calyos Loop Heat Pipe. This system essentially yanks the heat from components like the CPU and GPU, and then passively transfers that heat to the edges of the case. There’s no fan that could fail and no water that could possibly leak from a liquid-based cooling system.

That’s where the case customization seems to come in. The side that is not composed of tempered glass looks similar to the Xbox One, as the panel is designed to dissipate heat straight through its aluminum casing. Images provided by Calyos show that the heat pipes do indeed direct heat toward this panel, with an aluminum motherboard tray separating the mainboard from that vented side of the chassis.

Calyos Fanless Workstation

Lian Li’s case doesn’t enable graphics cards to be installed directly onto the motherboard. Instead, they’re shoved into a PCI riser card installed at the bottom of the case that’s connected to the motherboard by a flat extension cable. Lian Li shows that two discrete graphics cards can be installed although that seems to be somewhat of a tight, warm fit. Because the installed EVGA card in the Calyos setup doesn’t have its own set of fans, it doesn’t look cramped stuffed down into the bottom.

Calyos doesn’t say how much this specific configuration costs. However, the company offers to build workstations based on all Intel and AMD multi-core solutions along with their compatible motherboards. The workstation can be ordered in black or white as well although Lian Li only sells a black case, suggesting that the white model could be a custom paint job.

To grab one of these fanless custom workstations, contact the company here.

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