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Case Logic LoDo 14-inch Laptop Attaché review

Case Logic’s LoDo is for the fashion forward

Case Logic attache
Case Logic LoDo 14-inch Laptop Attaché
MSRP $70.00
“Case Logic’s LoDo accomplishes its mission, but offers little reason for the pricey upgrade from similar cases.”
  • Casual, modern look
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Narrow pockets
  • Padding is thin

While laptop cases have diversified into backpacks, messenger bags, and all manner of sling, the classic laptop case hasn’t faded away quite yet. Sometimes all you want is to stow your notebook, throw it over your shoulder, and go.

Enter Case Logic’s LoDo Laptop Attaché. This 14-inch bag keeps it simple by sticking to its roots as a classic sleeve. With a padded laptop compartment, a luggage strap, and a couple of extra magnetic-clasp pockets, it’s designed to take everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

On point

Like most of the attaches in Case Logic’s lineup, the LoDo gets straight to the point. The two-tone green bag is donned with soft-touch cotton on the sides, and the canvas on the bottom is less prone to scuffs and tears. The handles and zipper pulls have leather covers on them – an important touch to keep those typically fragile parts from tearing.

Inside the main pocket you’ll find two dividers, one of which is clearly designed for a laptop. That pouch is padded, but the padding is very thin, only a quarter inch thick. It’s the same padding found in the bottom of the bag. While it’s better than nothing, we don’t think the LoDo provides great protection if you drop the bag.

The LoDo’s design gets straight to the point.

The side of the bag is home to a large flap that covers a zipper and two magnetically-clasped pockets. While the zippered pocket is too thin to be appropriate for anything but a thick stack of papers or various documents, the two smaller pockets are a good fit for a charger and some pens and USB sticks. At that point, you’ll have filled up the bag, but then again, that’s all it’s intended to hold.

The 1.5-inch wide strap is accompanied by a three-inch-wide padded section that slides, and once again you’ll find the same padding found elsewhere in the bag. It’s not luxurious by any means, but this bag is small and therefor light. We found the strap adequate for trips lasting up to a few hours.


The DT Accessory Pack

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The LoDo doesn’t offer anything substantial over the $15 attaché cases that Case Logic already sells, except for the looks – but its MSRP is a lofty $70. That’s not insane for a stylish laptop bag, but it does feel a bit much for one are barebones as this. We’d like to see more padded or, perhaps, a waterproof laptop compartment.

Still, this bag serves the role of light-weight companion for jaunts across town. If you’re not expecting utilitarian functionality, and you’re careful not to drop your bag, the LoDo might be the right choice.


  • Casual, modern look
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Narrow pockets
  • Padding is thin

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