Colorado man remorseless after shooting Dell computer

It’s not unusual to feel frustrated with your computer for time to time. Maybe it’s running slower that you would like it to, perhaps it’s forcing you to install updates you might not want — you might just be sick of staring at a screen after a long day of work. It is, however, quite unusual to respond to that frustration by firing eight rounds into your computer tower at point blank range.

That’s exactly how a Coloradoan shut down his Dell XPS 410. The Colorado Springs Police Department responded to reports of shots being fired at around 7PM on Monday, April 20th.

The perp, homeopathic herb store owner Lucas Hinch, received a ticket for discharging his firearm within city limits. However, he has stated that he has no regrets about his actions, describing the shooting as ‘glorious’ in an interview with the LA Times.

Hinch suggests that he took the proper safety considerations before putting the PC out of its misery, ensuring that nothing was behind the rig that could cause a ricochet. He may have had murderous intent, but the unfortunate Dell was the only target he was interested in harming.

While Hinch may have been the one with the gun in his hand, the real culprit here may be Windows. According to the shooter, the straw that broke the camel’s back was an appearance of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. As anyone who has lost work thanks to widely seen crash screen, it’s more than enough to make you consider picking up a firearm — even if you’re a part-time musician that sells homeopathic herbs for a living.

Lucas Hinch is expected to attend a court hearing for his misdemeanour charge on May 11.