Windows 8 to do away with the Blue Screen of Death?


Microsoft launched its Windows operating system way back in 1985. There wasn’t even a feature to play open windows on top of one another. There was, however, the Blue Screen of Death. The legendary Windows error screen has been with the OS since the very beginning, though the it transformed in Windows 3.x to the more familiar look we know and despise today. Recent evidence suggests that it might be done away with in the coming release of Windows 8.

Being that the BSoD is an error screen, it technically won’t be going anywhere. When a problem is detected and Windows is shut down to prevent damage to your computer, the software is going to let you know about it. That’s just good programming. The trademark blue background and actual layout might be gone though, replaced with a black screen and less text. Version 3.x of Windows actually featured its own Black Screen of Death, which appeared when DOS-based programs failed

It is entirely possible that this is just the case with the early Windows 8 build, and that the final release will restore the BSoD to its hated glory. Early builds of Windows 98 and Windows 7 featured a Red Screen of Death. You never want to see your computer crash, but a red background on the famed Windows error screen actually feels somewhat fitting. Too bad MS didn’t stick with that.

You can get a look at the Windows 8 error screen up top, in a photo snapped by My Digital Life forum user canouna (via WinRumors).