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Cooler Master’s GamePod is a gaming chair ripped straight from a sci-fi movie

Calling the Orb X GamePod a gaming chair is a bit reductive. The egg-like design of this all-in-one PC battle station looks like it was ripped straight from a sci-fi flick.

Cooler Master unveiled the new Orb X gaming chair during its Cooler Master Summit, and its eye-catching design isn’t its only stand-out feature. The chair is fitted with a recliner, mounts for up to three monitors, surround sound speakers, and enough RGB to make even the most seasoned PC gamers blush.

The Cooler Master CMIX GamePod in white.
Cooler Master

The heart of the Orb X is a recliner with an adjustable keyboard stand. It includes six adjustment points for lumber and head support, as well as a leg rest so you can kick up your feet. Additionally, it includes mounting options for up to three 27-inch monitors or a single 34-inch monitor and a 2.1 sound system that offers spatial audio within the cockpit.

A control panel inside the unit allows you to adjust everything to your taste, as well as raise and lower the cockpit. The top of the GamePod that holds the monitors rolls forward or back with the touch of a button, allowing you to slot in and out of the GamePod without wrestling it.

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On the back, you’ll find a slide-out compartment that can house a PC rig or console. It looks like this compartment just includes a sliding tray, and we’re not sure how well it will work with a gaming PC spitting out a lot of heat. We’ve reached out to Cooler Master for clarification, and we’ll update this post when we hear back.

If that wasn’t enough, the GamePod also features four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, a headphone/microphone jack, and RGB accents along almost every edge. The integrated mousepad even includes a spot for wireless charging, so you can top off your phone while gaming and charge your wireless peripherals while you’re away.

Profile view of Cooler Master CMIX GamePod.
Cooler Master

The CMIX GamePod is far from the first all-in-one gaming battle station. Razer, for example, unveiled Project Brooklyn at CES 2021 that’s similar to the GamePod, and Acer has its Thronos gaming station as well.

Cooler Master actually showed off the GamePod concept at Computex 2019. This design, which includes updates to the recliner, keyboard stand, and various other components, is coming to the U.S. in December.

At Computex 2019, Cooler Master said the GamePod would cost around $5,000 with a monitor. Although the company hasn’t announced final pricing yet, the Orb X GamePod will likely cost between $12,000 and $14,000, according to a Cooler Master rep. The GamePod will be available in white and black with different recliner color options.

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