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Cooler Master’s bizarre gaming shoe costs a cool $6,000

People who love PCs and people who love sneakers are both deeply enthusiastic about their chosen passions, but what if you’re into both? Well, Cooler Master thinks it has the answer in the form of its Sneaker X custom PC, an utterly bizarre computer that is shaped like a chunky, garish piece of premium footwear.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Sneaker X (it was initially revealed in early 2022 to mark the company’s 30th birthday), but Cooler Master has been awfully quiet since then. Now, though, the company has unveiled the product’s price for the first time — and it doesn’t come cheap.

No, at $5,999, the Sneaker X is hardly bargain-basement material, but then again, sneakerheads and PC enthusiasts are not always shy about splashing the cash on custom creations. With horribly expensive graphics cards seemingly the new normal — the $299 RTX 4060 being a very welcome exception — we probably shouldn’t be surprised that the Sneaker X’s price is through the roof.

Cooler Master has stayed mum on the other details, such as what components you can expect inside the case. However, according to a press release (via TechPowerUp), it “supports the latest generations of Intel and AMD CPUs” and features a “unique water-cooling system for peak functionality.”

A sole-destroying price

A living room showing Cooler Master's Sneaker X custom PC, alongside a TV, table, chairs, and other accoutrements.
Cooler Master

Alongside the Sneaker X, Cooler Master also shed more light on the Cooling X, a decidedly more sedate-looking PC tower. According to Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master, “These products are a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our users, from gamers to creators and businesses.”

While we’re not exactly sure who needs a $6,000 PC shaped like a shoe, it’s perhaps no surprise that it is Cooler Master that has developed this idea, given the company has also made a butt-vibrating gaming chair and a space-age computer pod. The Sneaker X comes under the firm’s CMODX imprint, where some of its more experimental products find a home.

The Sneaker X evolved from a custom PC concept made by modder JMDF in 2020. The parts for that reportedly cost up to $4,000 to put together, so the $6,000 price for the Sneaker X is not entirely surprising. And while we can’t imagine this PC flying off the shelves, if you’ve been looking for an ostentatious centerpiece that merges your dual passions of PC gaming and high-end footwear — and don’t mind the strange looks this wallet-gouging piece of hardware will generate — the Sneaker X could be for you.

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