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New Cooler Master gaming monitor has killer mini-LED screen

Cooler Master has just unveiled a new monitor as part of its Chronos Summit product launch event that feartures a mini-LED panel with quantum dot technology.

The GP27-FQS is a 27-inch display that comes with a mini-LED QHD IPS panel that promises striking visuals. It’s also optimized for gaming, sporting a high refresh rate of up to 165Hz.

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The new Cooler Master GP27-FQS monitor is optimized for gaming.
Image source: Cooler Master

Aimed at gamers, the monitor seems to strive to provide the best of both worlds, balancing bright, colorful images with the features that most gaming enthusiasts want to see in a display. However, its main selling point comes from the QHD mini-LED IPS panel that promises deep contrasts, a lot of brightness, and lifelike color reproduction.

The Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle (AHVA) Ultra Speed IPS panel comes from AU Optronics, a Taiwanese display manufacturer. This is a 2K QHD screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Using mini-LEDs in tandem with quantum dot technology should result in a wide color gamut, boosting the high visuals commonly offered by IPS panels. The use of the AHVA panel could make the display a little bit faster compared to the standard IPS.

In the spec sheet for this monitor, Cooler Master goes into a lot of detail where color performance is concerned. The new GP27-FQS is said to provide an ultrawide color gamut, including 100% of Adobe RGB, 97% of DCI-P3, and 83% of BT2020. While these numbers don’t mean much to most users, they do indicate that good visuals are to be expected from this monitor. It’s also beautifully bright, with 600 nits of standard brightness and up to 100 nits in HDR mode, is DisplayHDR1000-certified, and sports a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

The new Cooler Master GP27-FQS monitor promises striking visuals.
Image source: Cooler Master

The mini LED backlighting comes with 576 dimming zones, which refers to the number of lights that are illuminating the screen. Mini-LED gaming monitors are still fairly new, but according to Tom’s Hardware, the technology will keep developing and we may see monitors with up to 15,000 dimming zones in 2023. In general, it seems that many manufacturers are eager to adopt the new mini-LED technology in their monitors, with Acer going as far as to call it the future of monitor technology.

Gamer-oriented specs of the GP27-FQS include a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, a 1ms response time, and full support for Adaptive Sync via FreeSync Premium. It has a higher-than-standard number of ports, including DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.1 ports, and plenty of USB ports. It also offers height adjustment, swivel, and tilt.

The new monitor was announced during Cooler Master’s product launch event — Chronos Summit, which celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary. Various restrictions prevent Cooler Master from attending bigger events, such as CES 2022.

Although Cooler Master has yet to reveal the pricing of this monitor on its website, Tweakers states that it will be priced at $700. This makes it very affordable for a mini LED screen. If it proves to perform well, it’ll be up there among the best gaming monitors, not just for the features but also for the reasonable price.

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