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Cooler Master's XM300 mouse offers pro-level features in 'Xtreme' package

Cooler Master has been making gaming peripherals for some time now, but it’s never branded them with such a rad name as “Xtreme” before. However, that’s the moniker its new XM300 gaming mouse sports, and it’s the first of a new lineup of Xtreme Gaming peripherals that offer truly high-end components and features to try and draw away gamers from some of the more established peripheral makers.

Much like some of those other manufacturers, Cooler Master appreciates the draw pro gaming can have. Players of all calibers want to be as good as the Esports professionals they see on streams, so marketing a product with pro-grade features is a strong plan.

However, there are legitimate feature choices that respond to the wants and needs of pros here, too. The XM300 comes packing a 6,400 DPI Pixart 3988 optical sensor, which can be adjusted in 50 DPI increments. While peripheral makers will often push for higher sensitivity options as that makes for a higher, more marketable number, very few people use more than a few thousand DPI and the professional gamers tend to use far less.

Accuracy is usually more important than raw speed, as longer, sweeping arm movements with pin-point accuracy are much more important in high-stakes games.

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In line with that, Cooler Master has used industry-standard Omron switches for the left/right click buttons, which are rated at 20 million clicks apiece. As a result, this mouse should last for a fair amount of time. The cable is also drag-free silicon, with a cable guard at the base to prevent fraying.

The overall design is near-ambidextrous and could possibly be used by a left-handed gamer, but it does feature some small finger rests, so it is more geared towards right handers. Its shape, though, is designed to cater to all grip types, making it useful for gamers in a range of genres.

Like most manufacturers, Cooler Master has opted for polytetrafluoroethylene for the mouse feet, but unlike most, it actually paid to use the well known Teflon brand name for this mouse.

Powering the whole thing is the Xtreme Macro Engine, which allows users to customize both the mouse’s hardware response, and its RGB lighting. That is a feature that most serious gamers are less concerned about, though, as it can be distracting, or can be covered up by your hand when in use.

It’s always useful for making your system look cool, though.

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