Cooler Master's behemoth 1,200-watt power supply doesn't come cheap

The power supply unit may not be the most glamorous component, but it can mean the difference between a power efficient and cool computer, and a pile of fried components. That’s why it is wise to spend a little more and buy from reputable brands — Cooler Master, for example. The steadfast hardware manufacturer brought a limited edition PSU, the MasterWatt Maker MIJ, to CES this year and at $1,000 or more, it costs three to five times other 1200-watt PSUs.

Like other high-end power supplies, the MIJ runs at basically the highest efficiency level possible, 80 Plus Titanium. While that technically means 94 percent or higher efficiency, and Cooler Master says it’s usually over 95 percent, according to TechPowerup.

Apart from carefully selected electronics and custom chokes, the MIJ sports a number of useful connectivity and control features. The digital signal processor is ARM-based, and it has a streamlined 3D circuit design that helps keep heat down and energy loss to a minimum. The PSU is also Bluetooth connected, so users will be able to manage the minutiae of their hardware without taking up system resources. Cooler Master’s warranty covers the MIJ for seven years, a long time for a computer component.

So who would need a power supply of this magnitude? Only the most demanding systems packed with hardware demand anything near 1,000 watts of power. Multiple GPU setups can draw an immense amount of power, especially if you’re looking at running three or four at once. A lot of disk drives or open-loop cooling solutions can also draw a significant amount of energy. In general, even mid-tier gaming PCs get by with 500 Watts.

Cooler Master announced both this limited edition 1,200-watt version, as well as a 1,500-watt model on the way, which is likely to blow well past this model in price. The same TechPowerup report says there will be just a few thousand units of the MasterWatt Maker MIJ, so if only the best will do, keep your eyes peeled.

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