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If you like your memory fast and flashy, Corsair's high-end DDR4 kit is for you

Corsair’s latest memory kit, the Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque DDR4 set, comes with a unique look and high-speed performance. Beyond its stylish color scheme and brushed aluminum heat spreader, each stick features a heat-treated effect top-bar, giving it that high-performance engine look.

The Dominator series of Corsair kits have always courted the top tier of memory performance while sporting powerful passive cooling for added stability and enhanced aesthetics. This new kit takes that to the next level, by offering high-end performance with unique styling.

It comes in two 32GB configurations — two 16GB modules and four eight gigabyte modules. Each features a stock speed of 2,133MHz, though they’re rated at up to 3,200MHz. Whichever kit you opt for, they run at a default voltage of 1.2v, though have been tested up to 1.35v. Timings start at 15-15-15-36, but have been tested at 14-16-16-36 as well.

Each kit is built with a custom 10-layer printed circuit board (PCB) for “superior signaling” that enables greater overclocking potential. Corsair claims you should be able to safely overclock these modules to 3,600MHz and beyond.

To go along with that high-end performance, the new Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque kits have a unique visual look to them. There’s a brushed aluminum heatspreader running along their flank. and it’s built right into the PCB for swifter cooling.

There’s also an aluminum hea sink mounted atop them with an orange paint job. Really separating this kit from the competition, though, is the heat-treated effect top-bar, which Corsair hopes evokes the feeling of speed associated with powerful vehicles.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, each stick features built-in lighting, and you can keep an eye on how the kit is running using Corsair Link software.

The Corsair Dominator Platinium Special Edition Torque DD4 kits are now available straight from Corsair starting at $400 for the 2 x 16GB kit, and ranging up to $450 for the 4 x 8GB kit.

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