Cougar launches an attack on the gaming keyboard market

cougar attack x3

Plenty of hardcore gamers would argue that the best way to enjoy today’s biggest releases is to build a custom rig capable of doing today’s graphics technology justice. However, today’s video game connoisseur isn’t just interested in a powerful system – the associated peripherals have to be just as formidable.

Yesterday, Cougar announced the Attack X3, a mechanical keyboard that’s being targeted at gamers. According to its creators, the device offers high quality construction, superior durability, and a few pieces of functionality that are sure to come in handy in-game.

The keyboard uses Cherry MX switches, which Cougar claims will “guarantee” the “incredible performance” that’s expected of a mechanical keyboard. These switches offer tactile and aural feedback that make it easier for players to ensure that they’re making exactly the inputs that are intended.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the Cougar UIX system, which makes it easy to define functions for all keys on the keyboard, and permits users to set up as many as ten macro keys. These settings can be stored in the device’s on-board memory, which can store three different set-ups for later use.

The Attack X3 is a sturdier keyboard than most stock options, with a robust aluminium frame providing a strong foundation for its high-quality keys. It’s also rather visually arresting, with stark red backlights that the manufacturer states will “enhance the gaming atmosphere.”

So if you’re looking for a keyboard that’s more suited to mammoth online multiplayer sessions than word processing, the Cougar Attack X3 might be the ideal choice, offering a balance of striking visual design and compelling functionality. The keyboard will ship in December for European customers, and is scheduled to arrive in the United States in early 2016, at a price of around $120.