Dell Latitude D410 Laptop Review

Quote from the review:

“The D410 is actually based on Intel’s latest mobile Centrino platform, codenamed Sonoma. This offers a number of benefits over the first iteration of Centrino, such as support for PCI Express, SATA hard disks, DDR2 memory, and the new Express card format. However, the D410 employs only two of these – PCI Express and DDR2. There’s also a D400 available, based on the older 855 chipset, but going for the latest technology will keep the machine current for longer.

The processor is a Pentium M 750, running at 1.86GHz – pretty high for a small notebook and as we’ll see, the D410 turned in some pretty impressive scores. This CPU is backed with 512MB of memory and as it’s two pieces of 256MBs, it’s running in dual-channel configuration. “

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