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DIY alarm clock will shred your money if you don’t wake up on time

diy money shredding alarm clock

There are a slew of alarm clocks out there designed to get you up and out of bed in a reasonable manner. Ones that’ll deliver electric shocks. Ones that’ll run away from you. But nothing, we say, nothing beats the cold hard incentive like threatening your wealth. Ladies and gents, we present to you this DIY alarm clock that’ll start shredding your dollar bills if you don’t wake the heck up.

Desperate times call for desperate measure, and Rich Olson of found the wackiest solution. The home-modded USB alarm clock looks and sounds kind of like a ticking time bomb. When the set time comes, the clock will start beeping loudly. If you don’t get up to dismantle the alarm in time, say goodbye to your precious dollar bill as it starts going down the shredder. Oh, and you’ve got just 10 seconds to do it.

Olson recommends that if you’re really bad at getting up, stick larger monetary values in there to better motivate yourself to get out of bed. After a while, you’re bound to either wake up in time or go broke. If you plan on tinkering with a SparkFun ClockIt device to make your own ticking money bomb, just remember that depending on where you’re based, purposely destroying money may be illegal in your country. But if you have to resort to this method to get up in a timely fashion in the first place, you probably already hate where you’re living.

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