Want a GTX 960, but think two gigs of RAM isn’t enough? EVGA has you covered

evga doubles down on gtx 960 ups to 4gb of ram geforce gtx960 video card review white

Today EVGA announced its plans to move forward with a new variant of the GTX 960, dubbed the SuperSC, that’s been doubled up with 4GB of DDR5 RAM and a refreshed cooling system that should be able to handle anything that 4K gaming enthusiasts have to throw at it.

Along with the boost in memory, EVGA says the 4GB GTX 960 will come equipped with its ACX 2.0+ custom cooling system. The upgrade will supposedly result in a quieter card that can be overclocked to speeds beyond the stock 1,127MHz factory rating, without melting any components when the firefights really start to pick up during intense frag sessions online and off. EVGA says the base clock will be 1,279MHz, with a maximum boost clock of 1,342MHz.

Another feature of the card is a “dual-BIOS” design. You may not associate BIOS with a video card, but it has firmware like any other component. This feature lets users switch over to a secondary set of default firmware if anything goes wrong while messing with the default settings, which makes the card recoverable if an extreme overclock pushes it over the edge.

The card comes just a few short weeks after Nvidia was publicly admonished for only utilizing 3.5GB of the 4GB of advertised RAM on its GTX 970 cards, and now that a class-action lawsuit is pending, the company wants to be sure that it doesn’t make the same mistake twice with this latest release.

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EVGA hasn’t divulged any details on how much the card will cost, nor when it will be available for general purchase, but it’ll like hit stores within the next few weeks. And this is unlikely to be the only 4GB card to hit the market; once one manufacturer makes a variant like this, others tend to follow.