Facebook Officially Announces Geolocation Product

Facebook’s long-awaited and often discussed location-based software that allows users to check-in, has officially been debuted after months of rumors and speculation. Dubbed Facebook Places, the app will debut later today.

The new service will require the use of a smartphone with W3 geolocation, but users with the app can also tag friends to the same location. The app will also combine other software, such as Yelp, which will pull up information and even pictures of the location you are tagged at. Once you have checked in, the app will then tell you if any of your friends have checked in nearby.

Users will be able to flag certain locations to be ignored by Facebook, such as home, work, or anywhere else where you desire your privacy, plus users can also opt out of the service completely. In the coming weeks, we will see more integration with other apps, such as Gowala, Booyah, and Foursquare, although the Facebook app does seem to cross over into such similar territory that it is difficult to see how they can all coexist.

So let the hi-tech stalking begin!

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