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Facebook Geolocation Software is Coming Soon

The social networking giant will soon release its geolocation software as an application programming interface (API), which will allow existing location-based apps to work with Facebook.

“We are working on location features and product integrations, which we’ll be launching in the coming months, and we’ll share more details when appropriate,” spokesman Larry Yu told CNET.

The nature of the app is still a little unclear, but Cnet believes the app will be direct competition for Foursquare, the popular geolocation game based around “checking in”. Others disagree and claim that the program will simply integrate existing geolocation apps with each other, but there is evidence to suggest that Foursquare may soon be the next target for Facebook.

Sources have told Cnet that Facebook is currently working with the developer Localeze, the company responsible for Twitter users being able to attach locations to tweets. Earlier in the year, Facebook also purchased the company Hot Potato, which is known for its “check-in” service. Together the two could easily be used to rival Foursquare.

Facebook was in negotiations to buy Foursquare earlier this year and offered $120 million for the company, but Foursquare was seeking 25-percent more, and Facebook walked away. We will have to wait to find out exactly what Facebook’s geolocation plans are, but they will likely be big.

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