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The Fish Tank Chassis is half PC, half … aquarium?

At first glance, you see an aquarium (hopefully) filled with fish. You look again, and realize it’s not an aquarium: it’s a PC. Actually, it’s both! The Y2 Fish Tank Chassis combines a beautiful 13-liter aquarium with an industrial-looking horizontal PC tower, and we love it.

Metal Fish, the Chinese maker of the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis, is a PC parts manufacturer with a wide range of towers, motherboards, fans, and wires. Plopping an aquarium to the top of one of their towers seems strange at first, but when you think about it, the concept starts to make sense (especially for a company named ‘Metal Fish’).

The Metal Fish Y2 PC aquarium
iImage credit: Metal Fish

You’ll need to build the actual computer yourself. The tower portion of this unique case is 27 liters or 370 by 250 by 290mm. It’s big enough to pack some midrange hardware in there, but you’ll have to stick to a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard.

There’s room for two 90mm cooling fans, a single 2.5-inch drive, and a 220 mm video card. There are two USB-A ports and a power button, and there’s enough space for a small power supply.

Best of all, the case comes with RGB lighting and a separate remote to control it.

The aquarium comes with a USB-powered filter which is also an oxygenator. There’s an LED light strip along the top of the aquarium, which Metal Fish claims is designed to promote plant and fish health. The glass panels are 5mm thick.

The water-filled aquarium could potentially help with computer cooling. However, the case isn’t big enough to pack powerful GPUs in there, which means if you push the computer, you’ll probably end up warming the water above it.

However, for the aquarium hobbyist or ichthyologist in your family, this could be the perfect basic home computer case.

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