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This amazing desktop mod combines a PS5 and gaming PC into one system

Can’t decide if you’re a PC gamer or if you’re a console gamer? Well, you don’t have to make a choice. The folks at Modding Cafe have created a Franken-gaming system that combines a high-end desktop gaming PC alongside Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 gaming console, making it compact and easy to switch between the two. It really is the best of both worlds.

Modding Cafe’s desktop tower stuffs in a watercooled ITX motherboard outfitted with Intel’s Core i9-11900K processor and Asus’ ROG Strix RTX 3080 graphics card for a high-end custom gaming PC experience. On the PlayStation side, you also have a watercooled console to help keep temperatures in check when the unit is housed inside the desktop tower. RGB gaming lighting, see-through tempered glass panels, and a compartmentalized case design complete the mod job.

Most importantly, however, this modern dual-gaming setup comes with some serious thermal management. This is especially important when running a premium, power-intensive PC alongside a modern and powerful console. Besides vents and the water-cooled setup, Modding Cafe equipped this PC with a number of fans, cooling blocks, and radiators to help keep temperatures under control.

When completed, this tower appears taller than traditional midsized gaming towers, but you definitely benefit from the versatility of being able to play either PlayStation games or PC games. And with HDMI 2.1 support, you’ll be able to get stutter-free, lag-free gaming performance on compatible monitors when playing on either system. There are two buttons on the top of the case — one powers on the PC side of things, which is great for gaming, content creation, and productivity, and the second powers on the PlayStation 5 console.

Modding Cafe's hybrid gaming PC combines a premium desktop and a console for gamers.

Though Modding Cafe’s work incorporates the latest technologies — AMD’s Radeon graphics on the PlayStation side alongside some of the newest and most powerful silicon available on the desktop side — it isn’t the first time that a desktop tower has combined PC gaming and console gaming into one package.

Earlier examples of such wizardry include boutique gaming manufacturer Origin PC’s Big O. Origin PC had previously combined a PlayStation 4 with its gaming PC setup, and the company is in the process of updating the Big O to work with more modern consoles. When this design launches, it will give Modding Cafe’s custom PC some competition.

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