Check out the new MacBook and its USB Type-C charger in un-boxing video

The day of the new MacBook’s release is quickly approaching, and that means millions of eager fans are waiting for their first glimpse of the machine in customer hands. Now we have it, thanks to a video from the Vietnamese website

First, the good news: it’s a pretty comprehensive un-boxing. The video is exactly seven minutes long and covers the exterior extensively, pointing out the system’s slim profile, lack of ports, edge-to-edge keyboard and relatively massive touchpad. The reviewer’s hands also provide some sense of the system’s size. Put simply, the new MacBook is as small as its 12-inch display and thin bezels would suggest!

On the downside, the video is entirely in Vietnamese, so most our North American readers won’t be able to decipher much from the video’s reviewer. You can read a few details by running Google Translate on’s post about the video, and also scrutinize a few additional still image shots of the MacBook while you’re there.

What’s I find most interesting about the video is just how traditionally, perhaps even disappointingly, Apple the system looks. Closed, the system does not seem much different from an Apple MacBook Air, and could rather easily be mistaken for the 11-inch model. Open, the edge-to-edge keyboard and thin-bezel, edge-to-edge glass display appear more modern, but it’s still not as striking as the razor-thin profile might suggest. And, of course, you can’t feel the weight of the machine through a video. also provides a look at the USB Type-C charger that ships with the new MacBook. It appears to be the smallest charger shipped with any MacBook style yet, and the USB Type-C cable is fully detachable. That’s a nice extra, since it means the entire charger won’t have to be replaced if the cord becomes damaged, as with most laptop charging units. It also means the charger can be used to charge other USB Type-C devices.

What do you think of the MacBook’s look. Is it worth $1,299?