Getac Roughs Up Its Rugged Notebooks and Tablets for Windows 7

Getac B300

Ruggedized PC maker Getac wants to make sure its customers can jump on the Windows 7 bandwagon from day one, and to that end has announced that its complete line of ruggedized notebook and tablet PCs are all compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, and will begin shipping with Windows 7 on October 22, the same day the OS becomes available to consumers. Moreover, Windows 7’s multi-touch and gesture capability will improve the operation of Getac’s recently introduced resistive multi-touch technology so users can manage media, copy-and-paste, zoom, and rotate items onscreen using gestures—and unlike most touchscreen systems, Getac’s resistive touchscreens even work through heavy industrial gloves.

“Working closely with Microsoft, we were able to voice the needs of our customers to ensure that our resistive Multi-touch function works hand-in-hand with their Windows 7 operating system,” said Getac president Jim Rimay, in a statement. “We have seen the excitement over the launch of Windows 7 increase exponentially and are excited to be a part of it right from the start.”

Getac’s V100 Tablet PC is the first to feature the company’s resistive multi-touch technology, although Getac plans to migrate the system across its entire product line. The V100’s touchscreen features a 2048 by 2048 resolution, a 100 points per second report rate, and a fast (for a touchscreen) 35ms response time—and that’s even while wearing gloves.

Getac v100 Ruggedized TabletGetac 9213 Notebook