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Google adds WebVR support to Cardboard and Chrome, and debuts WebVR Experiments

Virtual reality is, generally speaking, an expensive proposition — at least it is if you want the best VR experience. There are less expensive options, however, including Google’s Cardboard that lets you experience more limited VR using just an Android smartphone.

On Wednesday, Google announced it is working even harder to bring better VR to entry-level price points. Specifically, the company is adding WebVR support to Google Cardboard and it is launching its WebVR Experiments showcase for anyone to access and experience VR.

WebVR is an open standard for creating VR experiences that are accessible with supported web browsers. The standard works with a variety of headsets, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. But more relevant to anyone looking for a low-budget VR solution is WebVR’s support for Google Daydream, which was added in February for supported smartphones via Chrome, and now Google Cardboard via Chrome on any Android device.

WebVR Experiments is a site that you can visit to check out a growing list of experiences on just about any VR device. Anybody can submit their own creations to the site and accessing them is as easy as firing up a WebVR device and clicking on a link.

Google highlighted a few of the WebVR Experiments listed on the site. There is interactive ping pong via Konterball:

Then there is the ability to “explore the world with your voice”:

Check out the sounds of various objects raining down:

Play Spot-the-Bot with the help of another player who is outside the VR experience:

Google notes that you can also play the experiences in 2D on the desktop or a smartphone via any supported browser. If you are a developer and want to create and upload an experience, then you can submit it here. Not every VR headset supports Chrome at this point, but Google promises that Chrome support is coming soon.

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