Google Bringing Free Wi-Fi to Nigeria

Awhile back, rumors floated about of Google Wi-Fi forming and providing free Wi-Fi to all. Eventually the rumors dissipated and we went back to loving our search engine giant just the same as always.But it looks like the Wi-Fi rumors are proving to be true somewhat. The US won’t be getting free internet anytime soon though, as Google has chosen Nigeria to receive the first batch of free wirelessinternet. Perhaps this goes hand-in-hand with the $100 MIT laptops expected to be rolling by 2007? Could be.

Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja is just one of several African cities scheduled to receive the free wireless Internet provided by Google. The company has stepped up to take the first step towardhelping Africa become more integrated with technology.  With a high-profile company like Google leading the way, more companies will feel safer making an investment in Africa and it’s need foradvancement. There is currently no target date for when the wireless Internet will be available or if it will cost African governments anything.