Google Meet tips and tricks

Are you looking to jump into a Google Meet video conference with friends, family, or co-workers? We’ll show you the best tips and tricks to make for the best online meeting experience. Whether you use Google Meet on your PC or Mac, or mobile devices, such as an Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, these tips will make you master of video conferencing. If you are using Google Hangouts instead, we have a great guide for Hangouts tips and tricks.

Change the meeting layout

Google Meet

Want to change how you view other participants and content? You can alter your Layout easily when in a Google Meet video conference on a PC or Mac. To change your Layout during a meeting, click the More button (three vertical dots) and then Change Layout; here, you can select one of the available view types.

Auto: Allow Google Meet to choose the Layout.

Tiled: Shows up to 16 people when no one is presenting. All participants appear in large tiles on the screen; the most active participants will appear to the side.

Spotlight: The current presentation or active participant will fill the window.

Sidebar: The active participant or presentation is shown in a large view, with additional participants shown to the side.

Add captions to Google Meet

If you are having trouble following what is being said in your video conference, you can turn on closed captions (this feature is only available in English at the moment). Note that if you record a meeting, captions won’t appear when playing back the recording. To enable captions, click the closed captions button [CC], which can be found in the Meet window or app on Mac, PC, Android, or iOS.

Control Google Meet participants

When on a Google Meet video call, you can select a participant and control different factors, including whether they are muted or pinned. Participants can also be removed from the call if desired. For personal meetings, only the event moderator can remove a participant.

Mute a participant: To mute another participant in Google Meet when on a Mac or PC, next to the person’s thumbnail, click the Options button (three vertical dots) and then click the Mute button. On mobile, tap on the People tab, then select the participant, and tap Mute.

Pin a participant: To pin a participant and keep their video in focus, click the pin icon in the participant’s thumbnail. Note, this is only possible on Mac or PC — not mobile.

Remove a participant: To remove a participant on Mac or PC, click the back arrow icon, select the desired participant, and click the Remove button. On a mobile device, tap the person’s name and then click the remove button ().

Phone into a Google Meet conference

voice assistant

You can join a Google Meet video conference using your telephone; however, your phone number must be in the US or Canada. To call into a Google Meet conference, you can call the number provided to you by the meeting organizer. Otherwise, when you visit the Google Meet URL, you can select Join and use a phone for audio; it will provide you with a PIN and a number to call. To disconnect from the call, hang up.

Allow Google Chrome notifications

Do you want to allow Google Meet to send you notifications in the Chrome web browser? Follow these steps on Google Chrome on your Mac or PC to enable Meet to push notifications to you about calls and chat messages. You can also follow these settings to disable such notifications if desired.

Step 1: Open Chrome.
Step 2: Click More (three vertical dots) and select Settings.
Step 3: Scroll down and select the Advanced option.
Step 4: Under Privacy and Security, pick Site Settings.
Step 5: Click the Notifications option.
Step 6: Select Meet in the list and then click More (three vertical dots).
Step 7: Click Allow.

Record a video meeting

If you want to reference a Google Meet call later, you might want to consider recording it. Once you have joined a meeting on a PC or Mac, click the more button (three vertical buttons), and then click Record Meeting. Once you begin recording, participants will be notified. To end recording, follow the previous steps, but click Stop Recording instead.

Once recorded, the meeting will be saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive. A link will automatically be sent out to the meeting organizer and the person who initiated the recording so that it can be downloaded. If you are unable to start a meeting recording, check this guide from Google, as there are multiple reasons for the option to be unavailable.

Share your screen during a meeting

If you have content on your computer screen that you wish to share with others, you can do so in a Google Meet video conference. Once you want to begin sharing content, you can do so on a Mac or PC by clicking the Present Now button shown in the bottom-right corner. You will then be asked if you wish to share your entire screen, a window, or a chrome tab. Click Share to confirm you want to present. To stop presenting, click the Stop Presenting button.

If you are on an Android or iOS device, you can also share your screen on a Google Meet call. Begin by tapping the More button (three vertical dots), then click Present Screen. Tap Start Broadcast to confirm you want to begin presenting. To stop presenting, tap Stop Broadcast.

Adjust your audio and video settings

When using Google Meet on your Mac or PC, you can customize the resolution of your camera. A lower resolution is useful for poor network connections or when limited data is available. On the flip side, a high resolution will provide a better video call experience. Follow these settings to alter your video call settings:

  1. During a Google Meet call, click Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Choose if you want to change the send or receive resolution — send resolution is what your camera will send, while the receive resolution is what you see from others.
  3. Select the resolution you wish to use from Standard Definition (360p) to High Definition (720p). For receiving, you can also pick from an Audio Only option.
  4. Click Done.

Google Meet keyboard shortcuts

Do you want to master Google Meet and navigate it with expert speed? These keyboard shortcuts will allow you to control aspects of Google Meet, without needing to remove your hands from your keyboard.

Turn your camera on or off: Cmd (Ctrl) + E

Mute or unmute your microphone: Cmd (Ctrl) + D

Announce who is currently speaking: Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) + Alt + A, then S

Announce current information about the room: Shift + Cmd (Ctrl) + Alt + A, then I

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