Google Snaps Up Writely

Is Google gunning to compete with Microsoft and its Office productivity suite? It’s possible with yesterday’s news on their corporate blog about the acquisition of Silicon Valley start up Upstartle and its Writely web-based word processor.

The posting, which is mirrored by more information on the Writely site, was posted by Writely Team Member Jen Mazzon. In it, she talks about how the site is still in beta and that they won’t be accepting new registrations until they’ve moved Writely to Google’s software architecture. Other factoids revealed, including information shared on the Writely blog, indicate that the current Writely site will not immediately change its look and feel, that Google ads currently aren’t planned for display, that Writely created documents will continue to remain private and that current users will continue to be able to use Writely as is.

Writely allows users to share and edit documents online with other collaborators and then publish and blog them for others to read.