GTX 950 spotted in the wild! Now we have a picture to go with those specs

gtx 950 nvidia leak gtx950

Are you the kind of person that salivates at the release of a new graphics card? Do you get a bit of a tingle in your spine when you hear about a new GPU announcement? Then this post is just for you. The GTX 950, Nvidia’s upcoming midrange offering for the 9XX series, was only rumored to be in the works until today, but now we have a picture of it, so it seems hard to deny that it’s coming soon-ish.

Nabbed (and tastefully watermarked) by our pals over at VideoCardz, this image of the GTX 950 shows a PNY version, with the typical random mascot on the front of the box. The card itself is quite industrial looking, with a single fan to cool what looks like an aluminum heatsink, though it’s hard to tell.

Other versions are expected to feature similar cooling set ups to previous GTX 960 releases, though that has yet to be confirmed in any capacity.

While the image doesn’t really tell us much beyond its cooling, and that it has a single DVI port, there are a few specifications making the rounds too. We previously heard that the GTX 950 will feature 2GB of GDDR5 with a 128-bit interface. It will utilise the GM206 Maxwell GPU, with 768 CUDA cores, running at a clock speed of somewhere between 1,150 and 1,250MHz, with a boost of up to 1,450MHz.

Pricing for the new card is said to range from 280 euros ($313) at the top end, to 240 euros ($268), though this will be dependant on whether there is factory overclocking, the cooling solution, whether there are bundled games and which manufacturer it comes from.

Although much of this is unconfirmed by Nvidia, it wouldn’t be surprising if, in the wake of these leaks, it makes the official announcement about the card shortly.