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This mysterious Nvidia GPU is an absolute monstrosity — and we just got another look

The beast is back. Several new photos of what appears to be a quad-slot Nvidia GPU emerged today, revealing a monstrous prototype that’s still yet to receive a name. In this iteration, it’s more of a cooler than a GPU, as it doesn’t appear to have a PCB.

Today’s leak brings a lot of questions about what could one day be Nvidia’s best GPU ever. Is Nvidia really working on a Titan GPU, or is this the RTX 4090 Ti?

Two Nvidia GPUs side by side.
ExperteVallah / Twitter

This card is a mystery indeed. ExperteVallah on Twitter shared two new pictures of an unnamed GeForce RTX card, comparing it to a normal-sized GPU to truly show how big this model is. The leaker suggests that it might be the RTX Titan Ada, but many signs point to it being something else.

We’ve already heard multiple rumors about this GPU, and we’re still not any closer to wrapping our heads around it. Some leaks call it the RTX 4090 Ti, while others claim that it’s an RTX Titan Ada card. The latter was said to arrive with some really powerful specs, including 48GB of memory across a 384-bit bus. However, there have been whispers that the Titan is not happening in this generation.

In any case, let’s take a look at what we have here. This prototype takes up at least four slots and connects to a single 16-pin connector, meaning that it’d consume at most 600 watts of power (and use the same 12VHPWR connector that’s been melting in people’s PCs). According to VideoCardz, it’s meant to work with a PCB design referred to as PG137, which is not currently in use by any Nvidia GPU.

The display outputs are empty, so this is not a functioning GPU at this stage. However, we can still see that it’s an unusual design because the PCB is meant to be mounted on the right side. So far, this model only sports the shroud, backplate, heatsink, and wiring to the connector — which runs through the heatsink. The display connectors are all stacked on top of each other.

Unnamed quad-slot Nvidia GPU.
ExperteVallah / Twitter

While Nvidia has been keeping it hush, the rumor mill has been running rampant about this particular card. We’ve seen a version of it with a black and gold shroud, which was perhaps the most telling sign that Nvidia must have worked on a Titan card — at least at some point. Previous cards used the same color scheme, while regular GPUs stick to black and silver. However, as spotted by Wccftech, the prototype frame refers to an RTX 4090, but that’s to be expected in an early model. It could still be just about anything.

Which one is more likely, an RTX Titan Ada or a boosted version of the existing RTX 4090? Most likely the latter, or maybe even neither. It’s possible that Nvidia might still use some iteration of this cooler design in the future, be it for the 4090 Ti or for an entirely new GPU. So far, all that we’re getting is the RTX 4060, coming up in just a couple of days.

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