How to delete a YouTube video

If your social media needs scrubbing, here's how to delete a YouTube video

Knowing how to delete a video from your YouTube channel can be useful. Maybe posting a video last night –while sleep deprived and under the influence of heavy amounts of kombucha — was a mistake, or maybe you just want to clean up your channel. Luckily, deleting videos from YouTube is an easy process. You can use the mobile app or a web browser to get the job done. Here’s how.

How to delete a video using the website

If you’re using the desktop version of YouTube, you’ll be able to get through this process super quickly. Go to the homepage and click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. Next, click on the Your Channel option from the menu.

You will be taken to your channel where all of your videos live. From there, click on the YouTube Studios button found by your profile picture in the middle of the screen, then click on Videos. Tick the box beside the video or videos you want to delete, then hover over the video title. A menu icon that looks like three dots will appear. Click on the menu icon and click Delete from the options that pop up. To finish, tick the confirmation box and then click the Delete Video button.

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How to delete videos using the YouTube app

To delete videos using the YouTube mobile app (Android, iOS), go to the home screen and tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, select Your Channel from the options that pop up, and choose Videos from the menu at the top of your channel.

A playlist of your videos will show up on the screen. On the right side of each video, there will be a menu icon that looks like three dots. Tap on the menu for the video you want to delete. Finally, tap on the Delete option from the menu and tap OK to finish.

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What happens when a video is deleted?

These steps will permanently delete a video. Anywhere the video has been shared or embedded will now have a “video not found” message where your video used to be. It also deletes all of the comments and votes, as well. So, if you upload the video again, you’ll be starting all over when it comes to interaction.

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