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How to turn off Sticky Keys in Windows 11

Sticky Keys is a useful accessibility feature that lets you activate multiple keys at once while pressing them one at a time. You've probably come across it if you accidentally pressed the Shift key five times in a row. But if you don't want to use this feature for keyboard shortcuts, you can always turn off Sticky Keys in Windows 11.

Here's how to do it.




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How to turn off Sticky Keys on Windows 11

You can turn off Sticky Keys in the Windows Settings app. Follow the guide below on how to turn it off.

Step 1: Open the Windows Start menu, type "Settings," and hit Enter.

Screenshot of how to open Settings from Start menu on Windows 11.

Step 2: Select Accessibility from the list of settings on the left, scroll to the bottom, and click Keyboard.

Screenshot of how to open Keyboard Accessibility settings on Windows 11.

Step 3: You should see the option to enable or disable Sticky Keys right on top. Flip the Toggle to disable the feature.

Screenshot of Sticky Keys toggle settings on Windows 11.

Step 4: Sticky Keys should now be turned off on your Windows 11 device.

Step 5: Additionally, you can enable or disable more settings by clicking on Sticky Keys or the Arrow pointer next to the toggle switch.

Step 6: There are a total of five settings for Sticky Keys:

  1. Keyboard shortcut for Sticky Keys: Enable or disable the right Shift key shortcut for Sticky Keys.
  2. Show the Sticky Keys icon on the taskbar: When active, an icon will be shown in your taskbar.
  3. Lock shortcut keys when pressed twice in a row: Windows, Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys are locked when pressed twice in a row.
  4. Turn off Sticky Keys when two keys are pressed at the same time: This feature automatically turns off Sticky Keys when the user does not need them or is unaware if they are enabled.
  5. Play a sound when shortcut keys are pressed and released: Audio feedback is played whenever the Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and Windows keys are pressed.
Screenshot of additional Sticky Keys settings on Windows 11.

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