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Visually stunning HP Omen X 27 HDR TN display closes color gap with IPS monitors

HP’s new Omen X 27 HDR display might be the one that finally tips the balance in favor of TN panels for good. Gamers who buy HP’s new screen can enjoy not only a super-fast, 240Hz refresh rate and a detailed 1440p resolution, but fantastic color reproduction as well, thanks to the introduction of HDR.  This gives it a much broader selection of colors to draw from, and also improves contrast and lighting in compatible titles and media.

Panel technology might not be every gamer’s first consideration when buying a new monitor, but it’s an important one. TN panels tend to be fast, but lack great color, while IPS tend to be slower, but offer a richer picture. The HP Omen X 27 is looking to bridge that gap with a fast TN display that also offers great color reproduction via its HDR technology. It won’t be quite the same as a high-end IPS panel with a broader color gamut support, but the early look Digital Trends was privy to suggests it will be a great option for high-speed gamers who don’t want to sacrifice visual clarity.

The HP Omen X 27 has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, and supports a refresh rate up to 240Hz for high-speed gaming, with a 1ms response time. Screen tearing is a thing of the past thanks to Freesync 2 HDR support, as well as a decent base color gamut support of 90 percent of the DCI P3 range. With a typical contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and a dynamic ratio of 1,000,000:1, its blacks and whites should add plenty of depth to whatever scene is rendered on screen, while the HDR can also enjoy a peak brightness of 400 nits.

But it’s color where the new Omen display should really shine. With HDR enabled, HP promises a much broader and deeper range of colors throughout the spectrum, particularly when it comes to greens and blues.

The HP Omen X display also boasts the full features of HP’s Omen Command Center, which now offers A.I. coaching to make you better at League of Legends.

The HP Omen X 27 will start shipping in September and is priced at $650.

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