HP’s ‘fanless’ Chromebox reportedly has a fan in it after all

hps chromebox reportedly fan

Though HP’s Chromebox website claims that the small form factor computer is fanless, according to reports, it seems to be anything but.

A website by the name of FanlessTech.com claims that official HP marketing materials clearly refer to and point out a fan that is inside of HP’s Chromebox. That runs quite contrary to what HP says about the Chromebox on its website.

The silent operation of the fanless design prevents dust from being funneled through computer case,” HP says. You can find that text by scrolling down to the section named “Small, quiet, and efficient,” which is located towards the bottom of the HP Chromebox page.

On top of that, if you open this PDF, which contains a disassembly guide for HP’s Chromebox computer, you’ll find that there are references to fans on multiple pages, and even an image of one as well. FanlessTech.com provided the original link, but it certainly looks legitimate. The PDF looks like it’s official HP documentation.

Interestingly,the blog post that HP published where the company originally announced its Chromebox doesn’t include any references to the unit being fanless.

To this point, HP has yet to issue a response on the matter. It will be interesting to see what the company has to say about this, if they do end up issuing a statement to begin with.