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'Farpoint' for PSVR goes gold alongside a new story trailer

Farpoint - Story Trailer | PS VR
Impulse Gear’s Farpoint has officially gone gold and to celebrate that fact, the developer has released a brand-new trailer explaining the PSVR exclusive’s story. Set on a hostile alien planet, players will take on the role of one of a few astronauts stranded far from home. Exploring the environment and battling its local inhabitants is the only way to make it back.

Farpoint is not only a potentially exciting virtual reality shooter, it’s also Sony’s big launch vehicle for the Aim controller. With a built-in Move Motion tracker, thumbstick control, and trigger mechanism, the Aim is looking to bring the shooter crowd to PlayStation virtual reality and Farpoint is the big launch title for that technology.

Available for pre-order now alone, or soon with the Aim controller in a bundle, Farpoint looks to take PSVR gamers hundreds of thousands of light years from Earth alongside some fellow astronauts who look to have fallen into the uncanny valley at some point. They’re not quite at Mass Effect: Andromeda levels of weird-looking, but they aren’t far off.

Still, they, and possibly one cooperative player, will be your companion as you explore an alien planet complete with ancient technology and ferocious local wildlife, which will, of course, need to be shot full of Earth bullets.

The game has a big sci-fi movie feel to it, with varied environments, some bug-like enemies, and more humanoid ones. There are discoveries to be made, a planet’s history to uncover, and a way home to find. The game looks very pretty and should be stunning within virtual reality, though it will be confined to the PSVR, so PC VR gamers will miss out.

So far the response from gamers have been positive, with an overwhelming amount of interest from commenters on the original story trailer.

Farpoint is set for release on May 16 but can be pre-ordered now. The Aim controller bundle isn’t ready for pre-order in the U.S. through the official site or retailers yet, but Amazon U.K. has a bundle priced at 75 pounds, which works out to around $75 before taxes.

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