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Intel is in style during New York Fashion Week, helps shoot the runway in VR

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New York Fashion Week is currently underway, and Intel is transforming the runway experience by teaming up with IMG and select designers to live-broadcast the shows in stereoscopic virtual reality. This broadcast is powered by Voke VR, which provides the VR camera used in the broadcast and a client app for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Apparently, that’s the only way to get the VR experience, as non-Samsung customers are directed to the official NYFW website to watch the shows in an “immersive” 2D experience.

So what does Intel have to do with this broadcast? The computing platforms generating the 3D goodness are powered by the company’s Xeon processors and Intel Iris Pro Graphics. The broadcast also relies on Intel’s hardware-enhanced video transcoding thanks to Intel Quick Sync, and secured remote application delivery via Intel Graphics Virtualization Technology.

At the time of this writing, a good chunk of Thursday’s presentation was already wrapped up, including Noon by Noor (10 a.m.), Supima (12:30 p.m.), and Marissa Web (3 p.m.). The remaining Thursday show is Telfar at 9 p.m., followed by the Misha Collection at 10 a.m. and Lisa N. Hoang at 2 p.m. on Friday. The NYFW website provides a live feed on both days under the “Live” tab on the site’s navigation bar.

At NYFW, an Intel experience powered by VOKE’S TrueVR platform and Intel data center technologies, creates a natural viewing environment, transporting viewers from their couches to the runway. (Credit: VOKE)
At NYFW, an Intel experience powered by VOKE’S TrueVR platform and Intel data center technologies, creates a natural viewing environment, transporting viewers from their couches to the runway. (Credit: VOKE)

In addition to providing the hardware to broadcast the runway in virtual reality, Intel is also showcasing its wearable products and proof of concepts at The Shop within NYFW. These devices sparkle inside jewelry display cases next to a limited number of Tag Heuer Connected watches that are up for sale. The Shop is actually open to the entire public whether visitors are spectating the show or not, which even provides connected mirrors powered by Intel RealSense technology. Nifty.

“Intel continues to collaborate with designers and brands focused on blending aesthetics and consumer insights with advanced, cutting-edge technology,” the company said.

During this season, Intel has partnered with several brands to provide connected devices to the market including luxury designer Tome, which has created a bracelet based on Intel’s Curie technology. The two parties also conjured up a proof-of-concept handbag that’s aware of its environment, which is capable of providing the user with information like barometric pressure, nearby toxic gasses, and more. These two products will be showcased on the runway.

Additionally, Baja East and sportswear company Fila have created … wait for it … a connected shoe powered by Intel’s Curie technology, created to record and determine fitness data. As with the prior two products, the shoe will be displayed during the show for retailers/buyers to shove into their stores. We presume this shoe will track the user’s steps when walking, running, climbing a flight of stairs, and so on.

Finally, Intel said on Wednesday that it has teamed up with ByReveal to reinvent the brick-and-mortar experience. ByReveal is capable of creating a pop-up retail store in 30 minutes, but Intel is expanding on that with its Retail Sensor Platform to provide real-world analytics about buying patterns and products. Thanks to this platform, shop owners will “know sooner and act faster.” We presume this platform is on display at the show as well.

“From a reinvented runway viewing experience to retail solutions that provide real-time analytics to beautiful connected accessories, Intel’s presence at NYFW will show how technology is a welcome disruption to the fashion industry,” Intel said.

New York Fashion Week actually concludes on September 14, so there’s still plenty of time to check out Intel’s goods at the show if you’re in the area.

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