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Intel ‘s Larrabee GPU Piles on the Cores


Ailing graphics giant ATI may not be giving Nvidia much competition in the GPU market these days, but another big chip maker is stepping up to the plate in a bid for gamer dollars. Intel, which already produces modest integrated graphics chips for many budget machines, announced Monday that a multi-core graphics chip is on the way, and it’s quite different from anything the industry has ever seen.

The Larrabee processor will borrow the same multiple-core approach that Intel has used in its CPUs for years, but take it to a new extreme with a least ten cores packed onto a single chip. The end result, they say, will be a gaming experience unrivalled by anything on the market today.

Although the advantages of this approach have been known for some time, the complications of programming for multiple cores have held many chipmakers at bay. Intel hopes that its significant investment in transitioning to a multi-core architecture and the consulting it has done with major game companies will help ease potential woes.

Despite some details of the chipset trickling out today, Larrabee remains, for the time being, on the horizon. Intel doesn’t expect consumer-level products based on it to be available until 2009 or 2010.

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Intel’s next-gen CPUs are leaving a big feature behind
A Core i9-12900KS processor sits on its box.

Intel has confirmed that its next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs are arriving this year, but it looks like they'll arrive missing a feature of the last few generations. Arrow Lake, and its corresponding 800-series chipset, is dropping support for DDR4 memory and moving exclusively to DDR5, according to a new leak shared on Chiphell.

The leaked slide shows that the CPU will instead use dual-channel DDR5. That's hardly surprising, as we've suspected for a while that Intel would move onto DDR5 exclusively as soon as it switched sockets. The socket swap is coming with Arrow Lake, as Intel leaves behind the LGA 1700 socket we've seen for the past three generations and moves onto the new LGA 1851 socket.

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The biggest question about Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs was just answered
Intel announcing its Lunar Lake CPUs.

Although we know all of the details about Intel's Lunar Lake architecture, the processors themselves have been shrouded in mystery. Now, we have our first taste of what these processors could look like, including a critical spec that Intel has kept under wraps: power draw.

Specs for the full lineup of Lunar Lake CPUs were shared by VideoCardz citing its own sources. As usual, it's important to handle these specs with a healthy dose of skepticism. According to the outlet, Intel is set to share more about the CPUs in the coming weeks, so it shouldn't be long until we have confirmed specs.

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