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Java for Mac now includes the same adware as Windows version

Java update for OS X includes Ask adware
Brad Jones/Digital Trends
Windows users have long been plagued by the nuisance adware Oracle bundled into its Java software, and now it seems that Mac users are set for the same fate. Oracle’s Java 8 Update 40 for Mac contains the unwanted Ask toolbar.

Operating in much the same way as it has on Windows machines in the past, the update preys on users who don’t read the full terms of the installation. The Ask app is set up to install by default, in the hopes that the option will simply be passed over by users in a rush.

Once installed, the Ask toolbar is applied to whatever the user has set up as their primary browser. There have also been reports from users having found their default search engine set to Ask, and even having had their homepage changed without their knowledge.

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However, if you’ve already fallen foul of the dreaded Ask install via a Java update or another third party download, all is not lost. Digital Trends recently published a full guide on how to remove the unwanted software from your computer — and make sure that it stays gone for good.

Still, the best way to steer clear of this adware is simply to ensure that you pay proper attention whenever you’re installing new software. Both Mac and Windows computers are now at risk, and there are developers out there who won’t think twice about taking advantage of a user rushing through an install.

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