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Teach the kids how to build a PC with the Kano Computer Kit Complete

A Laptop Anyone Can Make, the Computer Kit Complete
The Kano Computer Kit Complete is designed to offer children and families an affordable way to get some hands-on experience building a computer. Available to pre-order now with a price tag of $250, the kit offers a Raspberry Pi-based laptop kit that you build yourself.

One of the best ways to learn about some of the technology we take for granted is to build it yourself. But unless you already have a decent knowledge of how a system goes together, the process isn’t exactly easy. That’s what Kano is trying to fix with its kit bundles, which walk new PC builders, young and old, through the process, step by step. It even teaches them unique ways to play around with the device after it’s built, too.

Based on the already popular Computer and Screen kits it sells, Kanos’ new Computer Kit Complete comes with a Raspberry Pi 3, a power board, a 10.1-inch HD screen, a rechargeable battery, DIY speaker kit, keyboard with touchpad, and a storybook to help you put it all together. There are also additional bits like an SD card, HDMI cable, power board, and stickers for customizing your Computer Kit Complete.

When put together, all of that hardware powers Kano OS, the company’s proprietary operating system which encourages interaction and investigation from the user. It comes with coding tests and guides, artistic challenges, support for games like Minecraft and Terminal Quest, and the ability to program your own musical tracks.

That’s not to say that the Kano system can’t be used as a standard laptop, too. It comes with its own web browser based on Chromium, a YouTube app, Wikipedia access and a whole suite of parental locks and controls, so parents can keep an eye on what their children are up to online.

You get all of that for $250. All it lacks from Kano’s standard Computer Kit is the programmable light ring.

Bear in mind, however, that this kit is only up for pre-order right now. Kano has slated its shipping date as November 20, so the wait isn’t horrendous and it will arrive in time for Christmas, but know that there is a short wait.

For those of you who want to really to delve into building a PC, we have a great guide to get you started.

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