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Take a look at Kensington’s new docks that fully embrace USB Type-C

The advent of USB Type-C means our devices are gradually switching to a faster, and reversible, charging port, but that also means replacing our existing chargers. (It’s even affecting how we listen to music, but that’s a different story.)

To keep up with the times, Kensington released a host of USB Type-C docks to power mobile and desktop computing. The SD4500 USB-C Universal Dock lets you instantly extend your laptop to a secondary display via a USB Type-C cable. For $180, you’ll get 4K video, be able to input multiple devices, and enjoy speedy data transfers thanks to the dock.

Another dock, the SD4600P USB-C, gives you the exact same as the SD4500 except you’ll also be able to charge your laptop as it’s plugged into the dock via the USB-Type C cable. That privilege costs an additional $20 for this model. And the final dock Kensington is offering is the SD1500 USB-C, which is a mobile dock built to be used on the go. It’s smaller and lighter, and even cheaper at $90.

The company is also offering adapters if you don’t want the dock — the CV2000V USB-C HD VGA Adapter and the CV4000H USB-C 4K HDMI Adapter make it easy to connect and extend your laptop to a secondary display without all the other bells and whistles.

Kensington also has a laptop riser that lifts your device up to alleviate any strain on your neck, but what’s unique is that the bottom of the riser is a wireless charging base, meaning you can simply plop down your smartphone, if it supports the technology, to charge it.

You can grab the universal docks right now from Kensington’s website, but the mobile dock, laptop riser, and the two adapters will only be available in the middle of August.

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