LaCie MosKeyto Cuts USB Thumb Drives Down to Size

Peripheral and accessory maker LaCie is looking to re-invent the USB thumb drive with its new MosKeyto, a tiny USB storage device that measures just over 0.75 of an inch long—not much more than a USB connector itself—and weird just 10 grams. The idea is that the MosKeyto is tiny and innocuous—and since it sits flush against many devices, can even be left in a USB port when packing up a notebook computer or other device.

Of course, in the ever-getting-misplaced world of USB thumb drives, the MosKeyto might be too little, too late for some users.

lacie moskeyto cuts usb thumb drives down to size  sept 2010

“While the MosKeyto has resemblance to a bug, with its small size and big bytes, this USB key is far from pesky,” said Lacie’s accessories product manager Alexis Kobassian, in a statement. “It provides high capacities in a low-profile connector, allowing you to insert it into your notebook and forget it. And with its low cost/gigabyte price, you can forget about that, too.”

The MosKeyto comes with a nylon stray to latch onto a keyring, which also keeps track of a plastic cap that protects the USB connector. The MosKeyto supports USB 2.0 connections, and will be available in 4, 8, and 16 GB capacities starting in mid-September; the 4 GB version is priced at just $17.99, while the 8 GB version will go for $27.99. The MosKeytos also come with 4 GB of online storage from Wuala—of course, Wuala also offers 1 GB of online storage for free.

lacie moskeyto cuts usb thumb drives down to size  sept 2010