Leaked Intel roadmap suggests tower desktops will skip Broadwell, head straight to Skylake

Intel Core M Broadwell Y Package Diagonal

Intel has sprung a leak again, and this time it’s a graphic depicting the company’s busy and complex 2015 release schedule. The information, published on the Chinese-language version of VR-Zone, indicates the planned 2015 releases are on schedule.

The leaked information suggests that the next release will be Broadwell for desktops, albeit chips that target all-in-ones rather than full blown desktops. That will be followed by Skylake, which will hit mobile first, followed shortly by desktops in chips that target TDPs as high as 95 watts.

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If correct, the leak means Intel plans to skip Broadwell entirely in the majority of desktops. That’s not unexpected, as the architecture behind 5th-gen parts was so delayed that many analysts observed its launch was beginning to overlap with the launch of its successor. Skylake, the 6th-gen architecture, is listed as an early Q3 launch in the graphic, which likely means late summer to early fall.

Broadway won’t be entirely done for, however, as its ultimate six-to-eight-core incarnation, Broadwell-E, will land in the first quarter of 2016. It’ll feature a thermal design power of up to 140 watts and replace Haswell-E as the world’s quickest consumer CPU.

Low-power Atom processors are included in the graphic, as well, with the alleged launch of Braswell in the second quarter. That was essentially known already, so it either leads credence to the leak, or suggests that it’s a hoax listing relatively sure guesses – depending on your perspective. Intel, of course, has not commented on the information.