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Lenovo now has a Legion of gaming accessories to rival Razer and Logitech

You likely associate the best gaming accessories with Logitech or Razer, but at CES 2019, Lenovo is showing how it can cater to the needs of the most serious of PC gamers. Alongside new laptops, it is introducing several new Legion branded accessories, including a mechanical keyboard, a headset, and and a gaming mouse.

Legion H300 and H500 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset

First off, we have the H500 Pro 7.1 headset. Built out of a durable metal suspension headband, the H500 7.1 Pro is a premium headset that will be available in April 2019 for $100. Unlike offerings from competitors, it comes with 7.1 surround sound support without the need for software. It also promises superb sound quality with 50mm drivers.

As typical, gamers will appreciate its passive noise canceling retractable microphone, as well as in-line digital audio controls with a pre-set equalizer and surround sound switch. Elsewhere, the headset features rotatable ear cups and soft cushioned PU leather. The braided cables and connections are versatile, up to 7.5 feet long, and available with either USB or 3.5 mm connections

The second headset, the H300, is the more affordable option at $60. It comes with some of the same quality sound, retractable microphone, and controls and 50nm drivers as the H500 Pro, but is more lightweight and without digital controls, or driver-less surround sound support. Other features include a Y-splitter, though it should be noted it comes without USB connectivity on the H500 Pro.

Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Coming in April for $100, the Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Keyboard looks to entice gamers wanting an affordable and high performing customizable keyboard. It comes with a minimalist design, tactile red mechanical switches, and 104 key anti-ghosting for less lag in games. Of course, it also brings a light show, with 3 zone per-key customizable RGB lighting in up to 16.8 million colors. Other features include a detachable palm rest, a durable 6-foot long cable, and adjustment in two different angles with tilt stand.

Lenovo Legion M500 RGB Gaming Mouse

Finally, there is the Legion M500 RGB Gaming Mouse. Coming in April for $60, this is for gamers who want a customizable gaming mouse for performance and ergonomic comfort.  It comes equipped with a 16,000 DPI resolution sensor, and Omrom-branded mechanical switches. Elsewhere, it has seven programmable buttons, on the left, right, wheel, and sides. Switching colors to suit a certain gaming mood is also easy with the mouse, as it features a three-zone RGB lighting in up to 16.8 million colors on the logo, scroll wheel and bottoms. For further tweaking, the Legion M500 comes with an adjustable weight cartridge

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