Lenovo to soon let loose a legion of new laptops, all starting under $1,000

lenovo reveals b40 g50 z40 z50 and flex 2 laptops all starting under 1000

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Lenovo has announced an array of new laptops as part of a mid-year hardware refresh. The new notebooks generally wear relatively reasonable baseline asking prices. However, Lenovo hasn’t dished out all of the details on them at this point. Here’s what we know.

Let’s lead off with the Lenovo G50, which can be equipped with CPUs that top out at either a 4th-gen Intel Core i7, or an AMD R5-M230 CPU. They’ll also include an “HD” display, but considering that the G50 starts at $399, we expect that to mean 720p, or a resolution of 1366×768. The G50 will also pack Dolby audio, an HD webcam, and allow you to log into Windows 8.1 just by using your mug, with Lenovo’s VeriFace Pro facial recognition software.

Then there’s the B50, which also starts at $399, and sports a 15-inch display that can be outfitted with 1920×1080 resolution, or a 1366×768 screen with or without touch enabled. Processor options max out with an Intel Core i7 or AMD A8 processor, while graphics processing comes via an optional Nvidia GeForce 820M or AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphics card. The B50 also comes loaded with a DVD burner and a hard drive as large as 1 TB. Both standard mechanical drives and hybrid drives will be available. The B50 also includes Dolby audio, a DVD burner, and an optional fingerprint reader for an added layer of security.

Lenovo didn’t say all that much about their Z40 and Z50 notebooks, but we do know that both lines will offer optional 1920X1080 displays, an AMD APU and Radeon R7 graphic cards built in. Lenovo also mentioned that the Z40 and Z50 will wield “large storage options,” which to us means mechanical hard drives in the 1 TB range. They’ll also ship with DVD burners, Dolby audio, and a 720p webcam. The Z Series notebooks will start at $579.

Finally, there’s Lenovo’s new Flex 2 notebooks. The Flex 2s are named for their hinges, which can be bent up to 300 degrees, allowing users to switch between different modes, including laptop and stand. Available with 14 or 15.6-inch displays that max out at 1080p, Lenovo’s Flex 2 notebooks will offer a range of specs, including Intel Core i7 and AMD A8 processors. Graphics options will include AMD Radeon R5 M230 cards, and unidentified Nvidia GeForce offerings, which we assume will include the company’s 800M series of cards. On the storage front, the Flex 2 laptops will support up to 1 TB of pure mechanical or hybrid storage. 256GB SSDs will also be available. Flex 2 units will ship with Dolby audio and 720p webcams built in as well. The 14-inch Flex 2 will start at $799, while the 15.6-inch variant will carry an entry-level asking price of $429. That leads us to believe that the smaller, but more expensive Flex 2 will have more powerful specs than its bigger brethren.

Now for availability information. The Z40 will be the first of these notebooks that hit, starting in May. The Flex 2 units will hit the market sometime in the beginning of June, while the B50s and G50s will drop in July. Finally, there’s the Z50, which will be released in August. However, exact release dates for each of these notebooks are not available.

We reached out to Lenovo for some more exact information on specs and configurations. When we know more, we’ll update this article.