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House your next PC build inside a standing desk with Lian Li’s DK-05

lian li dk 05 ces 2017 lianli desk 01
Taiwanese manufacture Lian Li is in attendance at CES 2017 this week, and the company has brought some visually arresting new products that are sure to add some sophistication to any home or office. Lian Li specializes in working with tempered glass, and its new standing desk and PC cases for 2017 make full use of this strong suit.

The DK-05 standing desk headlines the company’s offerings at this year’s CES. The new iteration builds on last year’s DK-04, which was already a rather fascination amalgamation of workstation and high-spec computer.

For the uninitiated, the DK-05 may look like a desk, but it’s really a PC chassis taking the form of a desk. Your monitor, keyboard, and mouse can all be plugged into their respective sockets and placed on its surface, while all the other components you might want to introduce to the build are hidden away inside its body.

The updated design of the DK-05 apparently allows it to support more than one system, something that its predecessor was unable to do. Lian Li suggests that the chassis could house both a file server and a gaming computer, all within its handsome exterior of tempered glass and brushed aluminum.

Meanwhile, the company is also showing off the latest addition to its O-series of PC cases, the PC-012. This new chassis is more conventional than the DK-05, but maintains a high level of visual appeal by implementing tempered glass on three sides of its body.

The PC-012 also sets itself apart from the pack by separating the VGA card and the motherboard, which serves to highlight both individually, according to the company. Between its sophisticated exterior and its ability to showcase the system’s inner workings, the chassis seems like a great pick for PC builders looking to produce an attention-grabbing rig.

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