Logitech G’s PowerPlay, due in August, will wirelessly charge compatible mice

logitech e3 powerplay g903 g703 reveal g
During the E3 2017 gaming convention in Los Angeles, Logitech introduced three new PC gaming peripherals under its Logitech G brand. Two are high-quality wireless mice for PC gaming while the third product is a wireless charging system to keep those mice fully juiced. This station is based on what Logitech calls PowerPlay technology, and includes the company’s custom 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, aka Lightspeed, providing two solutions in one unique kit.

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System

Let us start with Logitech’s PowerPlay technology. This proprietary solution is based on electromagnetic resonance technology and does not rely on smartphone-based Qi wireless charging. It creates an electromagnetic field across a 10.82-by-12.59-inch surface measuring just 0.0787 inches thick (2mm). This energy is picked up by a “Powercore” module magnetically plugged into the bottom of a compatible Logitech mouse and converted into an electrical charge to keep the mouse battery fully juiced. Logitech says that the mouse will essentially receive more power than it will ever use.

“[PowerPlay] delivers this power without interfering with the precise measurement and data transmission of a high-performance gaming mouse,” Logitech says.

Obviously, Logitech will not go into details about its proprietary PowerPlay technology, but the company indicated to Digital Trends prior to the announcement that the system was a difficult feat to accomplish, requiring years of research, testing, and refinement. Keep in mind that this system will continually charge the mouse’s internal battery, whether it is at rest or furiously moving across the PowerPlay surface during heated gameplay, as long as the charging pad is connected to a power source.

Logitech G’s PowerPlay system consists of the rectangular charging slate combined with a USB-based control module that plugs into a desktop or laptop, powering the surface while also providing wireless one-millisecond 2.4GHz connectivity (aka Lightspeed) to the mouse. The USB cable is braided and customers have two mousepad options to place on the charging pad: Soft or hard. Right now, this kit only works with the two mice announced during E3 2017 (see below), with additional compatibility with other Logitech mice arriving soon.

Unfortunately, the two compatible mice will arrive before the PowerPlay system hits the market. The G903 and G703 will go on sale in June while the PowerPlay system will not appear until August.

Length: 10.82 inches
Width: 12.59 inches
Control module height: 0.39 inches
Charging surface thickness: 0.0787 inches (2mm)
Cloth mouse pad thickness: 0.0787 inches (2mm)
Hard mouse pad thickness: 0.118 inches (3mm)
Cable length: 6 feet
Availability: August
Price: $100
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