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Logitech adds support for webcam users affected by Windows 10 Creators Update

Logitech Brio
Brad Bourque/Digital Trends
The Creators Update is almost upon us, and over the last few weeks we’ve seen Microsoft doing everything in its power to iron out bugs and glitches before its official debut on April 11. However, as with any major update to an operating system as all-encompassing as Windows, there are some problems that couldn’t be intercepted ahead of time.

As of yesterday, the Creators Update became available to users who are eager enough to perform a manual download, according to a report from On MSFT. Already, it’s being reported that certain Logitech cameras might lose video or even go undetected by the PC due to incompatibility with the update.

It seems that the Brio range of webcams is worst affected, but at this stage it’s difficult to diagnose the extent of the issue. However, Logitech has already published documentation that will help users solve the problem and return their webcams to a functional state.

The fix seems to be pretty straightforward. Users are advised to open up Device Manager and check to see whether there’s a yellow exclamation next to the webcam, or its name is listed as “unknown” — if this is the case, essential drivers didn’t load properly.

Users simply need to right-click and select “Update Software,” before checking “show compatible hardware” and picking ‘USB Video Device’ from the list they’re presented with. The company’s instructions state that “Logitech Brio” may appear as an alternative option, but that shouldn’t be selected.

This kind of minor issue can only be expected from an update that’s set to be distributed to the hundreds of millions of devices already running Windows 10. There are always going to be minor hiccups, and if they’re taken care of as swiftly as this webcam glitch, there shouldn’t be too much disruption for users.

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