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Mac App Store delay, won’t be here until January

mac app store delayWe recently reported that Steve Jobs was breathing down developer’s necks to get the Mac App Store up and running, potentially as early as next week. Unfortunately new reports suggest a launch date has been pushed back to January 2011.

An inside source told AppleTell that Jobs’ goal of next week simply didn’t pan out “due to numerous issues,” and could not only be on hold until December 13, but even into January.” The source also mentioned that Apple is “disappointed” by the missed target.

It’s important to remember that Apple’s original timeline was set for January. At the Back to Mac event, Jobs announced the store would be up in running in 90 days, and that goal is still intact.

This isn’t the only missed deadline — rumored or otherwise — Apple has dealt with lately. News Corp’s iPad-only publication, The Daily, has yet to even be announced with a formal press release, and the rumored event both companies were supposed to hold today seems to be just that. Multiple sources are claiming that The Daily is being delayed, and we wonder if any or all of these hold ups have something to do with the possibility that Apple is unable to strike a deal with publishers over subscriptions. There were claims that today’s alleged press event would involve the introduction of subscriptions for the iPad through iTunes.

In better news, iTunes now has the promised a 90-second preview option, so Apple’s delivering on that front. But with no app store, no announcement of The Daily’s validity, and no reported progress on subscription availability, it looks like today might be on the quiet side.

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