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It’s time to say goodbye to the startups and Web products 2012 was not so good to

It's time to welcome the new year, and that means paying our respects to some of the apps, social networks, and websites that didn't live to see 2013 - or at least won't see much it. Farewell, and good luck to your developers in the coming…

The digital newspaper that didn’t: The Daily shuts down

Once, The Daily was viewed as a potential savior of the newspaper publishing industry, but now, less than two years after its launch, its virtual presses will stop printing on December 15.

The Daily lays off a third of its staff

Just weeks after rumors started that it may be in trouble, News Corporation's digital newspaper The Daily has lost almost a third of its staff, with two entire sections of the paper almost entirely wiped out as a result.

iPad newspaper The Daily faces uncertain future

Launched just over a year ago, News Corp's The Daily iPad newspaper was called the future of news journalism. Now, however, it faces the possibility of cancellation as its parent company splits in two.

Kinect technology is heading to laptops

With the Microsoft Kinect motion controller has become extremely popular among Xbox 360 owners, the software giant is also looking for a way to bring the technology into laptops.

Apple to hold media event at the end of January?

Apple is reportedly preparing for an event at the end of January, which is to be held in New York and will focus on "media-related" content.

Facebook f8 keynote wrap-up: Get ready for change

Check out our recap of this morning's keynote at the Facebook f8 developers conference.

Apple’s long-awaited iTunes subscription service finally arrives

After months of speculation, Apple officially announced an app subscription service, which could cost publishers as much as 30 percent.

Yahoo rumored to launch customized mobile content

Yahoo could use next week's Mobile World Congress as a podium to announce customized Web content for mobile devices.

European newspaper publishers slam Apple on subscription sales

European newspaper publishers are slamming Apple's apparent move towards requiring all paid subscriptions go through iTunes.

The Daily review: Hands on with the first iPad-only newspaper

Review: Will The Daily recapture the glory days of print, or reaffirm its collapse? We go hands on with the first iPad-only newspaper to find out.

iPad newspaper The Daily launches today

The Daily, News Corp's daily, iPad-exclusive newspaper, launches today at New York City's Guggenheim Museum.

News Corp, Apple to finally unveil The Daily February 2

After numerous delays, The Daily will premiere on the iPad February 2.

Murdoch promises iPad-exclusive The Daily in ‘the next few weeks’

From News Corp. itself, we're hearing that The Daily is weeks away.

Apple and News Corp. delay launch of The Daily

Concerns about Apple's new auto-renewing subscription service appear to be at the heart of the delay.

Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs to unveil The Daily on Jan. 19

Steve Jobs is expected to be on hand next week to give his blessing to Murdoch's digital-only publication.

Rumor: The Daily is coming January 17

Finally, some news on the News Corp iPad-only publication leaks...even if it is just a rumor.

Mac App Store delay, won’t be here until January

You won't be able to buy apps for your home computer until after the New Year, say inside sources.