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How to make ringtones for an iPhone

No one wants to pay for ringtones. So save your money and check out our guide on how to use your own songs to make ringtones for your iPhone.
Apple Music

The best free music apps for iOS and Android

Buttons in the Apple TV app on Google TV.

Apple does what’s best for Apple on Google hardware

HP Chromebook x360 14c sitting angled on a desk.

How to install iTunes on Chromebook in 2022

Apple Music

How to share your Apple Music library on Mac, iOS, and more

MacOS Catalina Hands-on | Macbook Pro

How to transfer music from an iPod to a computer

how to update iTunes

How to share your iTunes library

credit karma tax preparation deal laptop

The best iTunes alternatives for Mac

MacOS Catalina Hands-on | Macbook Pro

How to import music without iTunes in MacOS Catalina

episode 229 sony playstation 5 770x508

Digital Trends Live: PlayStation 5 launch date, RIP iTunes, and robot racing

apple proposes download equivalent streaming pay music or itunes gift card

Apple’s not-hi-res hi-res music is now called something else because iTunes died

what is roon itunes alternative discover 1

What is Roon? The pricey, powerful Apple iTunes alternative

wwdc 2018 news apple

Apple has finally killed off iTunes, but your music is safe

At its annual WWDC comforence, Apple announced its plans to finally phase out iTunes in its new MacOS, Catalina. Here's what you need to know about the death of Apple's long-running app, and what's replacing it, including Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music.
leaving itunes music store open can kill macs battery life logo 2015

Why iTunes had to die to be reborn

Apple’s decision to kill off iTunes-as-we-know-it, as announced during WWDC 2019, makes me nostalgic. Not only because it was instrumental in bringing me into the Apple family; but because I still rely on iTunes today for the same reason it was created back in 2001. But reports of its death may be overblown.
itunes on an iPhone lifestyle image

Your Apple iTunes listening data is only worth about 8 cents, lawsuit claims

Interested in finding out vast amounts of information about what people have been listening to? Worried that someone might discover your deep love of an embarrassing band? A recent lawsuit alleges that Apple sold iTunes listener data to third parties, who in turn sell it for only eight cents.
hands on itunes radio cant out dj pandora but it sure does look pretty main

Lawsuit alleges Apple disclosed information about iTunes purchases

Apple may promote itself as a privacy-focused company, but a new lawsuit alleges that it sells off personal data regarding iTunes purchases.The lawsuit is brought by three iTunes customers from Rhode Island and Michigan, and was brought to federal court in San Fransisco on Friday, according to Bloomberg.
harry potter imax and the chamber of secrets

4K movies get downgraded to regular HD on iTunes — and no one knows why

Harry Potter, The Matrix, X-Men, and a number of other blockbuster films that normally stream at 4K resolutions on iTunes are currently playing in 1080p HD only. There are still ways to watch your favorite movies in Ultra HD on the Apple TV 4K -- if you know where to look.
apple smartflash itunes sierra library screen

How to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer

Ready to upgrade to a different computer? Make sure that your music comes with you! Here's how to transfer iTunes library to a new computer without the need to download extra software or go through hours of repetitive tasks. Take a look to learn about the best ways to transfer your iTunes library and what you need.
how to update iTunes

Apple to break apart iTunes in MacOS, introduce music, podcasts, and TV apps

With the next release of MacOS, Apple is rumored to finally distribute iTunes' multitude of tasks and features across separate apps including music, podcasts, and TV. The new applications will likely be similar to their iOS counterparts, being based on the company's Marzipan technology.
iPhone XS Max

Apple is offering bonus credit for iTunes and App Store shoppers

Apple is offering a 10 percent bonus when you add funds to your Apple ID account, paving the way for a few free purchases of apps, music tracks, movies, and any other content you can find in its online stores. The offer runs through March 14, so you'll have to hurry if you want to take advantage of it.
itunes top 2017

Apple reveals the iTunes ‘Best of 2017’ lists for apps, music, and more

The best of the best on the Apple iTunes store have been revealed. Did any of your favorite apps, games, music, or more make the list?
how to update iTunes

Having problems syncing your music to the cloud? Here’s how to update iTunes

If your iOS device is giving you trouble or your music collection isn't syncing to the cloud, here's a quick guide on how to update iTunes.
iOS 11 review

How to uninstall an iOS beta from your iPhone

Learning how to uninstall an iOS beta from your iPhone is quick and easy. Here, we've put together a brief tutorial on the topic.

Apple extends PayPal iTunes and App Store support to mobile in 12 countries

PayPal is available as a payment option on all iOS devices starting today in Canada and Mexico, with another 10 countries to follow soon.
apple app store web redesign png

Apple’s new App Store policy will cut down on annoying ratings reminders

Apple is making an effort to cut down on ratings reminders -- the pop-ups that ask you to give a positive app review -- with new guidelines.
microsoft wqindows store fall creators update terry myerson build feature

Pigs are flying as Apple iTunes, Ubuntu Linux head to the Windows Store

During the second Build 2017 keynote, Terry Myerson talked about Windows Store, and what the Fall Creators Update feature upgrade will bring.
itunes movie rentals rent once watch anywhere movies march2017

Apple has just rolled out a useful update to improve your iTunes movies experience

Apple has finally made it possible to watch rented iTunes movies across multiple devices, instead of having to stick with the same one.
nova launcher

Movements is a charitable-giving app that rounds up your spare change

Donating is harder than it sounds, sometimes. Movements makes it easy by giving your spare change to charity.
apple iwd itunes 20480 22315 c6zhrsaxqaazrm8 l

Apple’s iTunes store puts females at forefront on International Women’s Day

Apple made a few adjustments to its iTunes store today in order to draw attention to movies and television shows that feature women.
apple proposes download equivalent streaming pay music or itunes gift card

On second thought, Apple doesn’t have to pay $533M for alleged patent infringement

Its patent disputes with Samsung is another story, but at least in the case of Apple versus Smartflash, the iEmpire has come out on top.
itunes list of top christmas movies ever elf 1

Apple announces iTunes’ top five best-selling holiday movies

'Tis the season to "Let it stream, let it stream, let it stream." Here's the list of Apple's top-selling Christmas movies on iTunes.
Apple original programming

Not a fan of crowds? Apple could offer iTunes rentals of movies still in theaters

A number of Hollywood studios are reportedly in talks with Apple to offer early rentals of films still in theaters, though they wouldn’t come cheap.
apple earnings q4 2017 logo

Reports: Apple hit with $118 million fine for underreporting income in Japan

Apple is finding more trouble when it comes to taxes -- the company has been slapped with a $118 million fine for underreporting its income in Japan.
chance the rapper gets beats 1 radio show

Here’s how to stream Chance the Rapper’s new mixtape — and you might not like it

Chance the Rapper has released his third mixtape, Coloring Book, a star-studded follow up to 2013's acclaimed Acid Rap, in two interesting places.