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Danny Kitchen 2500 bill

5-year-old boy spends over $2500 in 10 minutes on in-app purchases

Serving as a cautionary tale for parents that don't set up parental controls, a young boy in England racked up major charges while purchasing in-app items
tear down the ecosystem wall and access your media collection with qvivo featured image

Tear down the ecosystem wall and access your media collection on nearly any device with QVIVO.

QVIVO's cloud service breaks down the ecosystem wall with unlimited access to all of your media on any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android-based device.

Apple releases iTunes 11.0.2 with composer view, enhancements, bug fixes

iTunes sees 25 billionth song downloaded, just weeks away from its tenth anniversary

Apple introduces vanity URLs, may have Amazon-battling bonus

abc soaps return on hulu and itunes amc

Beloved soaps return on Hulu and iTunes, nation’s grandmothers confused

Is your mother is still upset about the 2011 cancellation of her favorite ABC soaps? In a few months, the shows will start back up on iTunes and Hulu.
apple offers hearst magazines before print edition newsstand

Newsstand news: Apple offers Hearst magazines before print edition, Rolling Stone arrives

Amazon MP3 comes to iOS as a Web-app, neatly avoiding Apple’s App Store commission

how to stream hd content your apple tv appletv

Tips & tricks for streaming HD content to your Apple TV

top stocking stuffers for the computer geek in your life pc

Top stocking stuffers for the computer geek in your life

How to make iTunes 11 look more like iTunes 10

How to play iTunes music and videos on your Android phone

iTunes 11 on Apple devices

iTunes 11 delayed – now coming ‘before the end of November’

apple app store apps

Apple offers developers a workaround for in-app purchasing exploit

iCloud iPhone

iCloud refresh: Does Apple need to compete with social media?


Gifts you can email

Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air arrives just in time for Christmas

iTunes Match begins its international rollout, connection problems spoil the fun (updated)


Strategy Analytics: Apple TV now leads set-top boxes

Mac App Store

Apple Mac App Store downloads top 100 million, still far behind mobile apps

New game levels released to celebrate Angry Birds second “birdday”


Walmart rolls out digital movie downloads with Vudu-to-Go


Hands on with iTunes Match: A step in the right direction, with a few downsides

iPad 2 white gaming (Apple)

Survey: Apple products top holiday wish lists

Google Music header 2

Google Music hands on: Better than beta, still no iTunes


Verbatim Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard


Apple launches iTunes Match, can’t handle demand

RIM officially launches BBM music service

townshend apple needs to work more like a record label

Could Apple ever really work like a record label?

iTunes launch for ‘The Office’ as it celebrates tenth anniversary

generational divide iphone 4s vs 4

iPhone 4S activation proves to be difficult for AT&T

iPad Facebook App: Login Screen

Pictures: Facebook app for iPad finally released


Apple iTunes beta includes code for app rentals within iOS

Google removes eBook purchasing on iPad and iPhone