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Survey: Apple products top holiday wish lists

iPad 2 white gaming (Apple)

Based off a survey of 3,000 Sodahead readers, the Apple iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S are the gifts that consumers are most interested in this holiday season. When it comes to electronics specifically, 39 percent of respondents want the iPhone 4S while 31 percent prefer the iPad 2. In addition, 17 percent want the Kindle Fire from Amazon and 13 percent would love to receive Microsoft’s Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360. When it comes to tablets, the iPad had the majority of support with 65 percent. Twenty-four percent of people want the Kindle Fire and only 11 percent are interested in getting the Nook this year. This data somewhat corresponds with a recent Pricegrabber survey that found 83 percent of people wanted an iPad as a holiday gift.

Kindle-FireWhen asked what kids will be most interested in this holiday season, 51 percent believe that video games will be the most popular item while technology and computers came in at 32 percent. Ten percent believe that toys and regular games will be the most popular and only eight percent though kids would be interested in music or movies. While nearly three fourths of the respondents think that the holidays have become too materialistic, nearly 40 percent choose money or gift cards as a top gift idea. A fully-paid vacation was another popular idea in addition to tech gadgets and clothing or jewelry.  

Applications for smartphones are growing in popularity as more than 40 percent of people wouldn’t mind receiving Angry Birds or other games as a gift. While an iTunes gift certificate is likely the easiest way to send money for iPhone apps, Apple also allows users to send specific apps to any email address. A gift giver simply finds an album, movie, audiobook or application to send and chooses the “Gift” option. The user will be prompted to fill out the recipient’s email address in addition to a personal message.

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